About the Chancellor’s Office & Chancellor Barnhart

The Chancellor has oversight responsibility for graduate and undergraduate education at MIT, student life, student services, and other areas that impact the student experience. The Chancellor and the Provost are the Institute's two most senior academic officers. Together, they advise the President and participate in strategic planning, faculty appointments, resource development, and Institute resources and buildings.

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Chancellor Barnhart was appointed to her position by President Reif in February 2014. A Ford Foundation Professor of Engineering, Chancellor Barnhart is also a Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and previously served as Associate and Acting Dean of the School of Engineering. She has focused her research and teaching activities on the development of optimization models and methods for designing, planning, and operating transportation systems.

She has served as President of the INFORMS Women in Operations Research/ Management Science Forum, as President of the INFORMS Transportation and Logistics Section, as President of INFORMS, as Area/ Associate editor for Operations Research and Transportation Science, as Co-Director of MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics, and as Co-Director of MIT’s Operations Research Center.

Chancellor Barnhart is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and has been awarded the Franz Edelman 2nd Prize for Achievement in Operations and the Management Sciences, the Junior Faculty Career Award from the General Electric Foundation, the Presidential Young Investigator Award from the National Science Foundation, the INFORMS First Prize Award for Best Paper in Transportation Science & Logistics, and the INFORMS award for the Advancement of Women in Operations Research and Management Science.

Chancellor Barnhart earned an SM in transportation and a PhD in civil engineering from MIT.