Residential Campus 2030

Strengthening the connections between the ways students learn, where they live, and how they form communities is a priority for Chancellor Barnhart. You can work with her right now to build a residential campus that improves student life at MIT.

Did you know?

  • MIT has 11 undergraduate residence halls throughout West and East Campus, five of which have house dining, and six Cook-for-Yourself communities. Every dorm has its own diverse culture.
  • MIT has seven graduate residence halls, including two apartment buildings for students with families.
  • Extensive planning and community engagement on the future of West and East Campus—including new student housing, retail development, and maker and convening spaces—are happening now.

Community Input

  • Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart, Provost Martin A. Schmidt, and Executive Vice President and Treasurer Israel Ruiz have updated the community and invited community input at important junctures in the campus planning and development process. (July 2014 Letter to the Community, September 2014 Letter to the Community)
  • MIT2030 covers a range of campus housing initiatives, including constructing new undergraduate and graduate student housing to increase the supply of beds and allow for renewal of existing housing.

What’s Next

  • Students from DormCon, UA, and dining hall dorms are working with the Division of Student Life staff to conduct a House Dining and West Campus Dining Review. The group will make recommendations about student dining, including how dining options should be enhanced and whether to extend the current dining hall vendor’s contract.
  • The Office of Campus Planning is forming a new residences working group made up of students, faculty, and staff. This group will work with architects to see how buildings that meet the principles outlined in this new document will fit in different West Campus locations.

Get Involved

To get involved in the Chancellor’s Residential Campus 2030 work, email

A Quick Look at Building 4 in Kendall Square

Image of Building 4—West Elevation