Implementation Team

On February 4, 2020, the National Academies Advisory Board wrote to the MIT community to share the working groups' final reports and a wide-ranging action plan. To advance the immediate priorities outlined in the letter as well as the full slate of recommendations from the working groups, the working group co-chairs will form the nucleus of an implementation team that will grow in the coming weeks and coordinate closely with the incoming Institute Community and Equity Officer. The team will engage the community to execute the plan, assess its success, and communicate progress. As they work to create a more welcoming community climate, they invite your ideas and involvement and can be reached at

The implementation team consists of the working group co-chairs:

  • John Dozier, Institute Community and Equity Officer
  • Professor Paula Hammond
  • Professor Tim Jamison, Associate Provost
  • Maryanne Kirkbride, Executive Director, MindHandHeart
  • Kathryn Liede, Deputy Secretary of the Corporation, Office of the Provost
  • Libby Mahaffy, HR Diversity and Inclusion Specialist
  • Kate McCarthy, Associate Dean, Student Support and Wellbeing
  • Doreen Morris, Assistant Provost
  • Marianna Pierce, Policy and Compliance Specialist
  • Sarah Rankin, Director of the Insititute Discrimination and Harassment Response Office and Title IX Coordinator

New implementation team members will be added in the coming weeks.