Residential Campus 2030

Strengthening the connections between the ways students learn, where they live, and how they form communities is a priority for Chancellor Barnhart. You can work with her right now to build a residential campus that improves student life at MIT.

Did you know?

Reimagning the Residential Campus

    What’s New

    • Working closely with students, the Division of Student Life recently unveiled a new meal plan structure, the first major update since the fall of 2011.
    • The changes were informed by the Dining Data Review Working Group’s findings in 2016, which recommended enhancements in six areas including increased plan value, expanded late-night options, and more flexibility. (This webpage has a comprehensive overview of the work to-date on food and dining, including the working group findings and the 2017 Food and Dining Survey results.)
    • The new structure enhances student choice and flexibility. New features include the addition of Dining Dollars that can be used at retail locations across campus (with a 5% bonus), voluntary plans for students who live off campus or in cook-for-yourself communities but want the convenience of an occasional dining hall meal, and swipes that roll over until the end of the semester.

    Get Involved

    To get involved in the Chancellor’s Residential Campus 2030 work, email

    A Quick Look at Building 4 in Kendall Square

    Image of Building 4—West Elevation