2019 AAU Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct

Thank you to everyone in the MIT community who participated in the survey! More than 2,100 MIT undergraduates and 2,500 graduate students responded -- more than 40% overall -- with good representation from each of MIT's five schools. Findings from MIT's survey and AAU aggregate results will be available in early Fall 2019.

In Spring 2019, MIT will participate in the Association of American Universities (AAU) 2019 Campus Climate Survey, which will allow the Institute to measure the progress made to combat sexual misconduct in the five years since the first survey; identify and respond to new issues the AAU survey may uncover; and put MIT’s results into the context of national AAU aggregate data.

MIT graduate and undergraduate students were asked to participate in the survey with an invitation from the Chancellor with the subject line "How does sexual misconduct affect the MIT community?" on Tuesday, April 2, 2019. Each student must click on the unique link in that email invitation in order to access the survey. The links will lead to a survey hosted by Westat. Note: There is no connection between the links and your survey response. The unique link allows respondents to complete a portion of the survey, exit the survey, and return to complete the rest at a later time.

The survey will be publicized across campus, and reminders will be sent by a number of people throughout the month of April to reach a good response rate. The survey deadline was extended from May 1, 2019 to Friday, May 3 to give more students a chance to respond.

Stand up against sexual violence. Sit down and take the survey.

Note: The first page of the survey will look like this:
AAU Climate Survey on Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct